CJ Rugaard

Broker’s Personal Assistant



CJ’s Story

My real estate career began in 1994 in Fort Collins, Colorado as a personal real estate assistant to the broker/owner of a major brand real estate company. I did that for 4-1/2 years learning contracts, property searches, MLS input, developing and marketing. In 1998, we moved to Grand Junction and it was then that I started working for a title company climbing my way up from my starting position as a receptionist to becoming a closer in just a matter of months.

In 2004, I was ready to get my real estate license! I worked very hard and was very successful for several years, increasing my volume steadily each year. Then the market crashed in 2008. The Grand Junction housing market came to a screeching halt and I, along with many other agents, struggled with sales in a declining market. I limped along for a couple more years before finally putting my Colorado license on ice.

I ventured out to Michigan for a while and sold real estate along Lake Michigan, which was pretty awesome! Manistee, Michigan is known for its Woods and Water. It has beautiful beaches, meandering rivers, gorgeous lakeside homes and dense wooded areas. However, the market wasn’t much better there and, eventually, I ended up about as far north as I could get. I found myself working back in the title industry doing closings in Williston, North Dakota, and stayed there for a couple years. The oil boom brought with it a busy economy that was great at that time to get me back up and running! I loved the long summer days and seeing the Northern Lights but, I missed Colorado — I wanted to come home.

When I considered my move back, I chose Colorado Springs because it had a thriving housing market and I found a great job with an awesome title company as a closer. The minute I crossed the state line driving a U-Haul and towing my car, it was the most glorious feeling! I can’t tell you how good it was to finally be back in Colorado!

After doing closings in the Springs for almost two years, the day finally came that I wanted to reactivate my Colorado real estate license. Colorado Springs had a vibrant real estate market and I really wanted to get back to doing what I love — selling real estate! I activated my license and started selling. It was great to be back in the saddle, but something was still missing for me. I realized that I needed to be back in Grand Junction where I knew the people, the businesses and the neighborhoods. I had family and friends here and it made so much sense to get back to where I felt like I belonged. And, you know what? I was right! It’s so good to be home!

I have four handsome grown sons who have each chosen sweet, kind and adorable wives. They have blessed me with six precious grandchildren, and I think there may be more coming in the future! My “child” now is a cat named Meeko who is a rambunctious and entertaining man cat who plays fetch and is leash trained. He is just so much fun!

What I like most about selling real estate is helping people to reach their goals and dreams. I get a thrill from seeing happy clients and knowing that I gave them my very best. If you, or someone you know, needs the services of an honest, experienced and hard-working real estate agent in Grand Junction, Colorado, you can call my cell phone: (970) 201-6658 or email me: myagentcj@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

My name: CJ

I am: I AM a Christian, a mom, a grandma, daughter, sister, aunt. My faith, my family and my friends mean everything to me. The only thing we take from this life into the next is our relationships … I try to live accordingly.

Proudest moment: seeing my four grown sons happy, successful and with beautiful families of
their own. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Biggest challenge: trying to fit everything I need and want to do into a day! I try to create
balance between work and the things I do for leisure and sometimes it fluctuates.

Inspiration: I am inspired by so many things; a person with excellent character, a gorgeous
sunset I want to paint, or kindness and generosity given in abundance. I strive to be a better person every day and live my life with faith in God, love for people and awe for what the Creator has done, is doing and what will be done.

First job: was driving a farm tractor when I was 11. How fun it was to be a little kid on top of a big, ol’ tractor pulling a wagon full of hay! After the workday was done, I would get my horse and go to the swimming hole to cool off. Life was so simple then!

Languages: I speak English, but I also am fluent in the universal language of love and kindness. No words required.

Alarm clock: is set for 6 am, but I usually hit snooze twice before getting up and starting my day.

Talent: I am an artisan. I make beautiful handmade bags, jewelry, paintings, pottery and more. I just love creating things with my hands as they spring forth from my imagination.

Perfect day: is a day where everything falls into place as anticipated – no drama, no upsets, no conflict. Perfect.

Hummel is: a boutique real estate company with high quality agents who strive for excellence and superior service to the communities we serve on the Western Slope.