Erika Burch




Erika’s Story

Erika has enjoyed an eclectic background and broad range of experiences. Her passion for new and different challenges has taken her life some very interesting places. She has worked as a glass blower, musician, rock climbing guide, owned an advertising publication and an online marketing business.

What Erika enjoys most about helping people achieve their dreams is hearing the stories, situations and motivations of people from all different walks of life and backgrounds.

As your advocate, she will understand the uniqueness of your needs and desires and work ceaselessly to present a variety of solutions catered to your individual lifestyle.

Originally from Arizona, she first fell in love with the Grand Valley in 2006 while young and indulging her free spirit, travelling the southwest.

In 2017 she made her way back to Grand Junction, where she began her career in real estate selling factory built modular homes. It was there she met her husband and decided it was time to make a permanent home for herself as well.

Erika found an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction in working with people to find and build their dream homes. She recently decided to get her real estate license in order to be able to offer a broader range of solutions that don’t just meet but surpass her client’s expectations.

Her knowledge of the construction aspect of the homes is extremely valuable in seeing beyond what meets the eye which, coupled with her knowledge of marketing, is a tremendous advantage to her clients.

When not working towards making her client’s dreams a reality, she can be found hiking with her dog Bandit, in her garden, camping, riding 4-wheelers or hanging from a rope off a cliff face. Although these days you’re most likely to find her helping her husband remodel whatever part of their 1908 farm house needs to be upgraded and beautified next!

My name: Erika Burch

I am: grateful every day to be where I’m at and looking forward to the next adventure.

Proudest moment: every time I succeed in doing something a unique, unconventional or more efficient way.

Biggest challenge: not spending too much money at Starbucks

Inspiration: nature, music, freedom, new challenges and places, and all the wonderful people in my life.

First job: Safeway

Languages: English und ein kleines bißchen Deutsch

Alarm Clock: ideally sunbeams coming through my window

Talent: hearing a song and being able to play it

Perfect day: waking up inspired and going to bed feeling accomplished

Hummel is: my next adventure!