Bridgett Eggleston

Broker Associate


Bridgett’s Story

As a native of Colorado, I believe our state is the most beautiful in the USA! I was raised in the small mountain town of Bailey Colorado. After I graduated, I married my wonderful husband, Art.

After years of working in Denver, we decided to make a move to our favorite place, the Grand Valley!
Changing our careers was challenging but turned out to be an amazing journey. We had our children and love sharing our passion of exploring our beautiful state with them.

There are so many things to do on the Western Slope. Some of my favorites are mountain biking, gardening, hiking, crafting and league bowling.

I have owned real estate and investment property in multiple counties throughout Colorado and have served on several HOA boards.
Your home is one of your biggest investments. It can be scary but don’t worry, I will make your selling or buying experience quick and easy! Your forever home is just a call away! Let’s get together and make your dreams come true today!

My name: Bridgett but am known to answer to other cute names!

I am: A person who is spiritual, positive and has no regrets. I believe we live in the greatest country in the world.

Proudest moment: Finding out I was pregnant and the birth of my children.

Biggest challenge: Riding down Horse Thief Bench!

Inspiration: Delaney Clements! Fighting for her life, she always found time to be positive, spread love and kindness everywhere she went. She danced like no one was watching – the true Fabulous Dancing Queen.

First job: Creating gemstone rocks with pewter figurines for gift stores. (huh?? I know right!)

Languages: English and a little Spanish

Alarm clock: What is that??

Talent: Decorating, Gardening and Crafting to name a few!

Perfect day: Blue sky, high 80s, mountain biking in God’s country while relaxing and having fun with family and friends!

Hummel is: The BEST of the BEST! Don’t believe me?? Come see for yourself!