Cindra Cellini

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Cindra’s Story

My name is Cindra Cellini, I am from Cedar Falls, Iowa. I have been a special education teacher for 20 years. I taught middle school students in Waterloo, Iowa for years. I moved by myself to Las Vegas from Iowa and taught out there too. I met my husband in 2006, we married in 2013. After that, we moved to Grand Junction in 2014 where I continued my teaching career. I am retiring from teaching this year to have a career in real estate. I am really looking forward to it. I am a people person, love to talk, laugh, and interact with everyone.

I have two great sons, Michael and his wife live in Cedar Falls, Iowa and my younger son, Blake lives in St. Paul, MN.. My favorite things to do are cooking and entertaining. I also love to go on walks with my dog, Pico. She’s a Frenchton, part French Bulldog & part Boston Terrier. She is my baby girl.

My name: Cindra Cellini

Proudest moment: When I earned my Masters of Educational Pschology Degree as a Non-tradional student!

Inspiration: Making a positive difference in people’s lives!

First job: First real job that made good money (detasseling) that’s pulling tassels off the top of corn stalks 🙂 and….it was hard work!

Languages: English

Alarm clock: Yes, only on days I work. . . .

Talent: Cooking and throwing parties

Perfect day: When I don’t have to swear

Hummel is: Owned & operated by an Iowa gal is knows her business and makes people who work with her, love their jobs!