Dani Wright

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Dani’s Story

I moved to Colorado from Texas in 1998 with my husband, Kent (who was born in Colorado) and our two children, Lexi and Dylan. I now have a beautiful 6 yr old grandson, Jace, whom I believe, hung the moon! Raising our kids here on the Western Slope has been a true blessing. It is like always being on vacation! My husband and I enjoy traveling all over Colorado on our motorcycle with our friends every chance we get.

Our kids go to Colorado Mesa University and Colorado Christian University. It is so nice to have them here close by. I have a deep passion for serving Seniors and/or anyone in need. If I can’t do it or can’t do it by myself, I will find someone who can help me, help others! I believe it not only “takes a village to raise a child”, but it also “takes a village” to take care of our aging population. I began my Real Estate career in 2002, serving Garfield and Mesa County Buyers/Sellers with their Real Estate needs. The excitement of working with First Time Homebuyers is a thrilling experience for me. I work hard and I am here for my buyers from start to finish (no matter how long the process).

I will work with my sellers with as much enthusiasm and hard work. Their goal is just as important to me as any transaction. It takes tact and a kind approach to let sellers know what should be done to prepare their home to sell. I got into this business because I truly love people and want to help them get to where they want to be. These can be emotional times for buyers and sellers, I want them to know I do care and that I am here for them.

My name: Dani Wright

I am: Excited, humble and very grateful for my life.

Proudest moment: Raised two intelligent and motivated kids.

Biggest challenge: Raising my son, who I am told, is just like me.

Inspiration: I am inspired by the word of God.

First job: A bowling alley in Dallas

Languages: English

Alarm clock: Not sure what this means. . . I wake up at 3am, then 5am, then final wake up at 6:15am

Talent: Hair coloring and cutting.

Perfect day: 78 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, no work, full belly, family and good friends with me in the mountains or on a beach.

Hummel is: Professional, beautiful, easy going, great family-like team with a very knowledgable and patient managing broker/owner. I am proud to work at Hummel.