Denice Broshears

Broker Associate















Denice’s Story

Denice and her husband along with their 4 boys have lived in Grand Junction for most of their life and enjoyed all of the many outdoor activities this area provides.

She has worked at West Star Aviation for numerous years and is also a graduate of the Klemmer personal leadership and development academy.

Denice’s friendly personality and attention to detail will make all of your real estate transactions fun and uncomplicated.

My name: Denice Broshears

Proudest moment: Each time I went to boot camp graduation (3). It was amazing to see each of them grow into men.

Inspiration: My father

First job: Working in a dining hall on Lowry AFB

Languages: English

Alarm clock: Yes

Talent: I have so many

Perfect day: Spending the day at the beach

Hummel is: Fast paced, friendly and the most innovative real estate company in town