Katherine Gordon

Broker Associate



Katherine’s Story

Katherine has worked in the housing industry since 2000, and has been in all aspects of the industry from being a property and HOA manager, to an assistant for a top producing local team.

She completed her BA in psychology during the time her son and his wife were expecting their first child. She wanted to set a good example for her grandchild and in doing so she thought she may have returned to school for him, but completed it for herself and is very proud of the accomplishment!

Katherine moved to Colorado in 2011 to be near her first grandchild and over the years that number has grown to six! Katherine has two rescue dogs that she walks at River Bend Park daily. She tends to eat fresh organic foods regularly; however she also loves junk food!
Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday because friends and family come together at her son’s home and they all bring their best to the table. In her free time, Katherine enjoys sewing and crocheting. She also loves to decorate with a minimalist touch; less is more.

She purchased her first fixer five years ago. Even though it’s a money pit, she loves being a home owner. It’s a passion of hers to help people get into their own home and experience pride of ownership. Please give her a call and let her help you find your next home!

My name: Katherine Gordon

I am: A strong, independent woman

Proudest moment: There are so many! Graduating high school at age 24, getting sober, completing my BA in psychology, becoming a mother, becoming a grandmother, driving across country to Maine and back to So Cal by myself, beginning a new career at 57!

Biggest challenge: My mind set; making sure that I am pointed in the right direction.

Inspiration: My grandchildren inspire me more than anyone. They are good little people with a joy and zest for life that I enjoy being around.

First job: Babysitting

Languages: English and Dog speak. I have two dogs that have taught me “walk, food, play, scratch me, massage me, I love you, you are the best doggie in the whole world, treat, no I don’t want a bath, stranger danger”, and more. I’m on level 4.5 of 5!

Alarm clock: Mostly internal

Talent: I encourage others to do better, I cook from scratch, I enjoy crocheting, sewing, I love to garden, I like to help children explore the world around them, and I enjoy deep conversations.

Perfect day: 85 degrees at the beach with my family, cooler full of drinks and sandwiches, listening to the seagulls cry, children laughing, waves gently crashing, feeling the sunrays on my skin, good conversation – awe – perfection!

Hummel is: Locally owned and operated, gives back to the community, earns your business through acts of integrity, and deep commitment. No bullshit, just hard working individuals who get the job done right