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Katie’s Story

I am a married mother of six children, biological and blended. I married the love of my life in 2013 and we have shown each other what patience, growth and love is. My family is my very first priority, they have helped shaped me into the person I am today. I moved to Colorado from California in 2006 for a better, slower paced life. My children were young and in school and I wanted to raise them in an environment that was away from drugs and gangs. I have discovered that when someone asks you how you are here in Colorado, they honestly want to know how you are. Life has been beautiful since moving to Colorado.

I love everything that Colorado has to offer, my husband is an avid outdoors man and we both enjoy spending time exploring areas of Colorado and spending time with nature, including home gardening. When I am not outdoors, you can find me in the kitchen creating natural non toxic lotions, salves, shampoos, and other beauty products made with natural organic ingredients and essential oils. I love the creativity this has afforded me and I love when people discover how much better these products are for them when they use them.

I have been in real estate since 2007 with a national group and joined Hummel in 2015 specifically because of the family feel. I appreciate the expertise of every one of the agents on our team and our leader is exceptional with her knowledge of the real estate market

My name: Katie Meyering

I am: A married mother of 6 kids (2 of mine and the rest blended!).

Proudest moment: Just one? Watching my youngest, for the second time, get the President’s award at CMU. Getting to see my oldest walked down the aisle by her step-dad and brother to be married to a really nice guy. Having our first grandson 6/17 from our son and beautiful daughter in law in California, being embraced by my hubs kids.  And the list goes on, thankfully.

Biggest challenge: Life. Everyone is facing a challenge that you may not see. Be gentle, watch, learn and grow.

Inspiration: Life. People. They are amazing.

First job: At age 11 I started working for a nursery, I loved plants and veggies and what kid doesn’t need some spare change!

Languages: English, Pig Latin

Alarm clock: What’s that?

Talent: I make incredible lotions, shampoos, conditioners, salves, bath salts, scrubs, facial serums and everything natural to help with beauty using my essential oils.  When I am not showing houses I am in the kitchen with my hubs cooking or creating yummy essential oil creations.

Perfect day: April 25th, it’s not too hot and not too cold.  Seriously, every day is a perfect day. I am alive, I am grateful, I am in a state of learning on this journey called life.

Hummel is: a fun, top notch agency that has their finger on the pulse of the market.   We are with our community and take pride in serving Mesa and the surrounding counties.