Mark Towner

Broker Associate


Mark’s Story

Mark was born and raised in Grand Junction and loves having the ability to assist fellow Western Slope residents buy their dream home or sell one that has run its course. Mark graduated from Grand Junction High School then went on to attend college at The Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Mark graduated with honors and a degree in economics.

Mark started in the Real Estate industry in 2001 with Mortgage Solutions of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Mark was consistently the company’s top producer for 10 years. In 2009 Mark returned to Grand Junction to open a branch of Mortgage Solutions which remains open today. In 2013 Mark opened a branch of Cendera Funding that also remains open today. Mark has closed over 100 million dollars in Real Estate transactions. Mark believes his experience and being a mortgage expert is invaluable when helping clients who are buying and selling homes. His understanding of this industry alleviates stresses, saves clients money, and sets proper client expectations.

Mark loves being a father to a beautiful and happy 6 year old daughter. Mark enjoys hiking, swimming, and trying to keep up with his bike-riding daughter while he is on roller blades. Mark has extensive family in Grand Junction and enjoys his family time. Mark is a below average golfer with above average determination and persistence. Mark feels right at home downtown at Hummel Real Estate with its warm, friendly, fun and team atmosphere.

My name: Mark Towner

I am: A loving father. I am a Grand Junction Native. I am creative, motivated, hard-working, helping and loving. I am a bad golfer, but persistent.

Proudest moment: The second my daughter was born. It changed everything.

Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge is making time for myself and family as I tend to be a workaholic.

Inspiration: My inspiration comes from the desire to succeed and to be the best at what I do. I strive to be the greatest version of me moving forward and not live in the past.

First job: My first big boy job was for a mortgage company after college. I started out slow but ended up being the company’s top producer consistently for 10 years thereafter.

Languages: I know how to say, “I don’t know” in Russian. This single phrase allowed me to pass my Russian language course in college by giving this answer anytime I was asked something.

Alarm clock: This needs to be plural. Alarm clocks.

Talent: I can make kids laugh no matter what kind of mood they are in. I believe they think I am a pony. I can also draw pictures that look like photos.

Perfect day: Wake up in Bora Bora to my dream girl singing Guns n’ Roses. Later that day go hiking and swimming with my daughter.

Hummel is: A locally owned Real Estate company that prides itself on hiring fun, energetic and self-motivated employees. Hummel is a team atmosphere and believes in supporting the local community.