Marla Hanna




Marla’s Story

Work smart, put in the effort and get the job done are all part of my history of growing up in a ranching family on the western slope.

Finding the right property, sorting out the details, making the deal and closing the transaction are what make working in real estate my ultimate occupation.

Nothing makes me happier than the smiles of success when clients achieve their goals. I love it when a stranger becomes family.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I’ve worked in commercial art with an emphasis in community marketing.

My name: Marla Hanna

I am: Dedicated

Proudest moment: My children

Biggest challenge: Not taking on too much

Inspiration: The beautiful world we live in

First job: Working in the fields and markets of a local produce company

Talent: Helping others

Perfect day: Spending time in my greenhouse

Hummel is: The only place I found with the resources I want to provide my customers