Paula Rohr

Broker Associate


Paula’s Story

I moved to the western slope from Denver with my husband Russ and our two young girls, Kelly and Kaitlyn at Christmas time in 1993. Our little daughter was so worried about Santa finding our house we packed all the Christmas lights last in the moving van. We would unload some boxes and Russ and I would put up some Christmas lights. We were so excited to raise our family in the Grand Valley.

We soon became part of this wonderful community. The girls were involved in 4-H, Girl Scouts and Dance and so were we. We moved to our farm, Loma Hill Farm, in the summer of 1999. Our dream of owning a farm in the Lower Valley was becoming a reality. Soon after came the horses, goats, chickens and our wonderful Border Collies. All 5 of them. The girls thrived in 4-H and FFA at Fruita Monument High School. The girls became active leaders and so did mom and dad.

At the farm we grow alfalfa/grass hay and we dabble in lavender and herbs, vegetables and flowers. We have a fully regulated USDAA agility field. Much of my husbands free time is spent running in the USDAA dog agility venue with our daughter and trainer Kaitlyn. It is a lifestyle that we absolutely love. This place is truly our sanctuary. The girls went on to graduate from Colorado Mesa University. They created their own successful business ventures.

No matter what your lifestyle is let me help you find or sell your home. I will take great care to make sure the home buying process is smooth and a great experience. Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking to buy up, an investment property or retirement home, let me take care of this process. I love talking with, working with and problem solving with my clients.

My name: Paula Rohr

I am: living an incredibly blessed life.

Proudest moment: when my two daughters Kelly and Kaitlyn graduated from Colorado Mesa University and then went on to create two successful business ventures.

Biggest challenge: keeping my thoughts in check! I am always coming up with brilliant, fun and creatives ideas, or so I think. My wonderful loving husband and family are always there helping me fulfill “most” of them.

Inspiration: God, Country, my husband Russ and my two girls and son-in-law.

First job: delivering newspapers in the wee too early mornings in our families olive green station wagon with my Mom, my brother and sister. Good Times!

Languages: English and American Sign Language. (A little rusty on the signing)

Alarm clock: Don’t need one when you have 5 crazy Border Collies who do dog agility!

Talent: I love to garden, cook, sew, craft and stamp elaborate cards. I so love antiques and recreating with them. Vintage! Oh and drink wine! We are so blessed to live in our beautiful, scenic wine country.

Perfect day: waking up early and working in my gardens on Loma Hill Farm and then cooking a meal with homegrown herbs and lavender. Traveling and shopping for antiques and discovering new restaurants with my husband.

Hummel is: a boutique Real Estate Company who consistently gives back to the community in so many ways. We are a fun and loving team of like minded agents who will help you fulfill your dreams.