Peter Danesi

Broker Associate


Peter’s Story

With over 25 successful years in the real estate industry, Peter has unparalleled insight when meeting client needs and focusing on their real estate preferences. Building on experience and delivering results, Peter has emerged as a top ranking real estate professional. Peter consistently leads in sales volume and sales, accomplished by his passion and commitment to treat each client with the same dedication, attention, and Importance; from the first home buyer, to clients scaling up or downsizing, to luxury estate transactions. Peter attributes all his success to the broad spectrum of incredible clients he has been privileged to serve.

With his exceptional market knowledge and success, he brings a welcoming warmth and ease in his personalized services, a strength in his negotiating skills, and always, a priority for his clients’ best interests with his results-driven approach. Buyers and Sellers can attest to benefiting from his ability to solve problems and remove obstacles in the process. As a valued client you will be provided with the best data and tools available, invaluable real-time knowledge of the constantly changing market, and a dedicated, proven partner in meeting your real estate needs and dreams.

Peter is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Grand Junction is what Phoenix used to be when he was growing up. Everybody knew everybody and everyone was very friendly and kind. For him GJ is a little piece of heaven – lots of sunshine and mild temperatures – and all the natural beauty to explore. When he is not working he enjoys everything from skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, camping and visiting all the natural hot springs in the area.

My name: Peter Danesi

I am: Outgoing, Honest, Hard Working, Professional, Kind, Smart, Driven, Detailed, Successful and Grateful.

Proudest moment: Receiving cards, letters, emails, and calls from my clients thanking me for a job well done.

Biggest challenge: The Real Estate Market. It is constantly changing and staying current is a daily routine.

Inspiration: To always seek Joy. To do things that bring you happiness. I owe this to my father, he said, “Pursue your passion and success will follow.” So true – I love helping people navigate real estate and end up in a home that they love.

First job: Life Guard

Languages: English and French

Alarm clock: Up with the sun and wide awake ready to go.

Talent: Making all that happens during a real estate transaction look easy.

Perfect day: A day at the beach – any beach – as long as there are friends, family and fun.

Hummel is: in a league of their own – a step above the rest. They care about what is best for the Client and that includes professionalism, respect, and unmatched service.