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Robert’s Story

Robert Quintero aka “Real Estate Rob”

Robert is a hometown boy, graduating from Central High School. After school he joined the Navy and traveled the world in a submarine as a Sonar Technician.

Among his many accomplishments he would also like to add that he is one of the few Bilingual agents in the Valley. He has worked in the oil and gas industry and it is another facet were he has extensive knowledge and continues to stay abreast of the current industry trends.

Robert is a veteran in the real estate industry and has a proven track record of being a savvy negotiator, and with that and his cutting edge marketing strategies does everything in his power to insure his clients success. He believes strongly that it is not only his duty to represent his clients to the best of his ability, but also to educate them throughout every step of the process armed with top notch information and market insight so his clients can make the best decision possible.

He loves the Western Slope with all the outdoor activities available and is excited to be a part of the “Downtown Vibe” and all it has to offer.  Robert wants to be your “Go to agent” for all of your real estate needs. Please give him a call

My name: Robert Quintero  aka: Real Estate Rob

I am: Lucky to work with great people and going home to a big comfy bed

Proudest moment: Making my first Facebook video

Biggest challenge: Making every deal happen

Inspiration: The average hard working person

First job: Taco Bell

Languages: English and Spanish

Alarm clock: Internally built

Talent: Working out and making deals simultaneously

Perfect day: Two closings, happy customers and margaritas

Hummel is: Your local friendly, fun, knowledgable boutique real estate shop. We love it here!