Robin Read

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Robin’s Story

Robin and her husband James have lived in the Grand Valley for over 35 years. They have raised 5 children here. Erik, Jennifer and Jake all live here, Will is in the Navy and Kerra is located in Denver. They have 6 grand children. Their oldest granddaughter works at CMU along with her Grand dad James. Their grandson Josh will be playing football at CMU this coming fall. They have enjoyed making the Grand Valley their home and taking advantage of the great recreational opportunities.

I was a microbiologist and autopsy assistant with the county coroner’s office prior to developing my passion for real estate. My prior professions have helped me to develop attention to detail and confidentiality skills.

I have sold real estate for 15+ years and handled small and large properties. I have worked on two different subdivision projects and love to watch dirt develop into someone’s dream home. I have contractors that I work with and can help you realize your dream of your custom home. I have helped many folks down size from their family homes to low maintenance properties when that time comes.

I pride myself on honesty and treating you like I want my family to be treated!

My name: Robin Read

I am: A Christian, wife, mother and Realtor

Proudest moment: Obtaining my real estate license, it was a humbling experience.

Biggest challenge: Keeping out of my own way

Inspiration: Helping people find their happy place

First job: Working at my uncle’s pizza shop

Languages: English

Alarm clock: Phone playing pretty paper by Willie …..

Talent: I’m a great organizer and cook but not musically inclined

Perfect day: at the beach with my family laughing, drinking and eating

Hummel is: My home away from home and a place to do my business with like minded realtors under the tutelage of a great broker. A fun place I love to bring my clients and meet new prospects