Valerie Brooks



Valerie’s Story

Jaws drop when I tell people I’m a professional bull riding fan. City-type girl falls in love with the cowboy and the beast. And why not? Rider’s spur caught the rope on the way down. Now entangled and being drug by the bull I heard the crowds gasp meet mine. One bull fighter grabs the rope, holds it taught, while another swiftly lifts his shirt, pulls a switch blade, cuts the rope. Rider free….all in no more than 8 seconds. I replay the scene. All American. Lest we not forget it was the cowboy who tamed this precious land, we call home.

It will come as no surprise to those who are engrained that I love Grand Junction and all it has to offer including outdoor activities, the climate, and the fantastic downtown. My husband Kevin and I have literally lived and loved the downtown for the past 12 years. And I mean literally. We live in the 4th block of Main Street. Some of the first to revitalize the downtown we have seen a lot of changes.

We owned 9 Big O Tire Stores on the western slope of Colorado for twenty years. We began with two and eventually bought or built the additional seven over the years. We learned about service and the community. We sold in 2015.

Finding ourselves retired, we weren’t tired. The positive experience of using a professional business broker for the sale of our nine Big O Tire Franchises led us to become local business brokers. And now my passion for homes and folks has led me to residential real estate.

Anything to do with homes colors my passion, fills my cup, floats my boat. Interior space and form or what I think of as the juxtaposition of the walls, hallways, squared off edges, rounded corners— the path that exists when we step into a house meets strokes of genius—the palette on the walls the thick or thin flooring that grounds us, the refined or dense textures of upholstery that hold us– in other words the elements that change the path from house to home. It’s personal.

My son, Swain, owns an 800 square foot condo in Denver. Adamant his CPU hang onto the thick maple slab of his multi-height capable desk I tried to assist but failed. Where I failed his Uncle, Rory assisted in the project. With care they attached the cradle that would hold the CPU, carefully lifted it from the floor and gently placed it.

Later that day Swain forwarded a photo. “I love it,” he texted. Golf clubs in the middle of the living room, bikes hanging from the ceiling, months’ worth of incidental mail piled like a centerpiece on the kitchen table, but the CPU is cradled like a baby. I forwarded the picture and the message to Swain’s Uncle. “It’s a beautiful thing,” my brother simply texted back. And he is right. It’s Swains home.

Eight hundred square feet or eight thousand square feet and anything in between: Who will hold your rope through the process? Who will guide you through the path? Who will help cradle your dream to house that will become YOUR home?

It’s an important thing.

My name: Valerie Eleanor Brooks

I am: A French Fry Connoisseur

Proudest moment: Watching my son graduate from college with 3 degrees

Biggest challenge: Making sure my Vizsla puppy, Prime, gets enough activity in a day

Inspiration: The chance to stop and smell the roses

First job: Cleaning bathrooms at the Montrose KOA

Languages: English, Oppish

Alarm Clock: #@&*!

Talent: Interior design

Perfect day: Hike on the lunch loop with Kevin and Prime

Hummel is: All about helping you buy or sell a home, a business, or a commercial space