Sandy May Jones

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Sandy’s Story

Sandy grew up on a Ranch on the Spanish Peaks above Walsenburg, Colorado a 5th generation rancher. She moved with her family to Hartsel, CO (Park County, Colorado) before graduating from High School.

She has lived in Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central Colorado. She has been an Auctioneer for 15 years and although she is no longer involved in the business she still loves to do benefit auctions.

She moved to Grand Junction in 2007 after the birth of her daughter but her heart longed for a quieter life and she moved to the agricultural community of Harrison Nebraska. After 3 years she moved back to Hartsel, CO to be with family spent the next 3 years enjoying her parents, brothers, nieces, nephews, cows and open spaces at 9800 feet elevation.

She is passionate about helping others and is currently not only helping others to find their homes and businesses, but she is also further her education as a biotherapy massage therapist.

Sandy started as a realtor in Park County Colorado and is excited to continue her career here in the Grand Valley. She believes that a home is truly special. There are stories on the walls, footsteps on the floor. A place to grow… a place to love… and sometimes it’s the foundation that leads you to a new home… new stories…new footsteps.

My name: Sandy May Jones

I am: A mother to 2 amazing children. I am a middle child of six, two older sisters and three younger brothers and the daughter to two stubborn, ornery and incredible parents.

Proudest moment: Giving life to my children.

Biggest challenge: Saying No. But I think I’m learning lol.

Inspiration: The past. History is an inspiration all in itself.

First job: Cleaning out my Grandmother’s chicken coop

Languages: English

Alarm clock: 6:30

Talent: Laughing

Perfect day: I don’t really know what my perfect day would be. I just kind of wing it.

Hummel is: A new beginning