Tyler Price

Broker Associate


Tyler’s Story

Raised in the Grand Junction valley, I know the area well. My father was a brilliant businessman and owned a commercial construction company. He was my mentor in business and the construction field. I grew up in the construction and Real Estate business.

Blessed with two wonderfully talented children. I worked to build my own residential and light commercial company. The company was a success. In 2007, I could see the trend of the economy. I liquidated my business, and since that time, I decided to put my efforts into investment properties.

Seeing what I hope to be an upward trend in the economy, I am back in the real estate market as a Realtor. I foresee good things and I am excited to be involved helping others with their real estate needs.

My name: Tyler Price

I am: Resolute, driven, with integrity and determination to get the job done

Proudest moment: My proudest moment was at both my children’s college graduations

My challenge: ..is your ‘call’. I will work steadily, energizing your buying and/or selling experience. I am here to help

Inspiration: I am inspired by both my parents and also occasional divine guidance (always welcomed)

First job: My 1st job was sweeping-up and picking-up at my father’s construction job sites after hours. My Dad would call it “walk around money.” I miss him a lot.

Languages: English

Alarm clock: Siri

Talent: defined as ‘a natural gift that has been developed’: I was raised in the construction business via family. My sincere ‘love for real property’ has kept me naturally meshed with it. I love this business!

Perfect day: my perfect day would start by waking to the faint rumble of a summer thunderstorm in the distance. The smell of rain and a gentle amber light, the Sun stealing a bit of open sky to peak through to my partially opened window. The thunderstorm. The smell of rain. The ray of sunshine (like a touch from God). The breeze gently moving the wispy, sunlit curtains from the ozone scented air. Yup! Now that would be a perfect start to my perfect day. For sure!

Hummel is: ..is a great place; for me, for you.